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      That time of the month again. This time with our favorite gypsies/pirates/adorable elves. Read Sorrows Untold, part Tali and that has some rather painful moments.

      1) Starting off – why did Rael in such a hostile and violent manner. Considering he is supposed to be the example for other Quarians and ‘leader’ of all Quarians?

      In a way, he reacted like a hostile paternal figure – eager to almost shoot his daughter’ love. Considering for a moment, that this had succeeded – how could he ‘accepted’ such a choice in his own mind?

      2) Moving along the first part. Why did Tali get – what felt like – a trial hearing? Considering it had the Admirals themselves present.

      Not to mention why wasn’t she considered an ‘adult’? Considering all that she had done against Benezia, Saren and the usual things in service to Shepard and the Alliance?

      3) Considering what happened – does Rael’Zorah feel any ‘guilt’? Be it from a political or emotional standpoint?

      Considering that he had banished his only heir and namely only daughter as well?

      What would happen now to him? Considering he has no heir? Or does he? Or what would happen to him or his family name?

      4) Was there any other force acting behind Rael’Zorah that made him act as he did? Or was that all him?

      Any political blackmail, duty or other bullshit to excuse his actions?

      5) I found it odd, that after getting zapped, beaten and locked up – they were ‘merciful’ or not to lock Tali and Joker into the same pod.

      In a sense, what was meant to happen? Joker to die and Tali to watch it happen – to scar her for life?

      A last act of kindness – so she could get away – considering Cerberus was rather quickly on the scene?

      (Not to mention, I am surprised Tali was ‘allowed’ to be put into the same pod at all with Joker. Whom organized that?)

      6) It said, that in thanks for helping to defend the Citadel – they were awarded a new planet.

      But one that nobody is allowed to set foot upon? Except a few borged-turians in hazmat suits and all that.

      Why is that such a case? Are the Quarians still hard-wired paranoid and won’t allow anyone onto their new home? Or is it an attempt to reform some biological-connection with the microbes they once had and to prevent any and all foreign contaminations?

      7) We haven’t gotten an overview. But how are the Quarians doing per-say?

      After having helped regain their status and also a Council Seat? I assume it comes with their own responsibilities and drawbacks?

      But what have been the biggest wins and biggest drawbacks to this new deal for the Quarians?

      8) Has Tali completely turned against the Fleet now? It was mentioned in their Cerberus Files that no Quarian could completely go against the Fleet.

      However, judging by her attitude and mood – she doesn’t seem to give two credits about them anymore.

      In a way, has Tali snapped internally in a way? Like the madman Golo of Omega?

      Or does she still hold some ‘sliver’ of hope to return back home?

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      Forgot to add this.

      9) Info-memetic Warfare.

      We’ve seen this line in a few times, when it comes to the galactic sneaky-sneaky cyberwarfare scene. But what does it in essence mean?

      I can understand info-warfare as about utilizing false information and facts to gain an advantage. But Info-memetic?

      It almost sounds like using ‘memes’ to fight your enemy. Or is it something else entirely?

      Or a form of warfare that had been developing in the space age?

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