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      We just got a new section about technology and its development posted on the FF.

      Personally, i find the material a bit dry but that’s the deal here given what LP has to work with. So I’ll focus here mostly on plot related material and what has been smuggled in the document by the author so far.

      First of all, let’s start with our guy Lieutenant Jason Vathez. I’m honestly surprised the Commissars let him go instead of processing him. But at the same I appreciate we get to meet one of the people who unwittingly worked for the Dog. He’s an alright character so far and I’m optimistic about him.

      Then we get a look-see at the R&D ‘Welcome to the Family’ with guys in T5-V battlesuits included and off the bat we get a mention a few interesting things like indoctrination, hantaviral (is that the salarian bioweapon they tagged one of the new shiny commissars with?), and black-nano. Joy. Obviously things are a bit hairy and the SA isn’t taking any chances here.

      Overall, not a swanky workplace. But it certainly adds to the ambiance. Of course, then we get a long, stark corridor and Colonel Sahu(Aka the Black Amazon, I hope we get to know more about her. Just one section with her so far and she’s more engaging than the bloody canon Council.) and her office that is a cheap knock-off of Gendo Ikari’s office that’s about as inviting as a wood chipper. Still, the ambiance is top notch. All that is missing are people with sewed eyelids chanting something to that effect: Wake not. Wake not. Wake not. While bowing in cadence to a pool of black water – I’m sure hanar have them.

      Secondly, we have Tyriun no Kage being mentioned once again. So far we had Ahern, the Silver Price and one more(Zaeed?) mentioning this guy. I’m starting to wonder if he’s really dead.

      Speaking of. Nezzy is still alive for a certain value of alive. I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m kind of surprised and wondering what LP’s going to do with that plot point.

      On the other hand what about Saren? Is he still ‘alive’? I hope not. Mostly because that would cheapen Shepard’s ‘victory’ over the tosser. On the other hand, if Benezia survived self-immolation and warpsword shrapnel then I think Saren stands a good chance of being on the mend.

      omni-blades with sufficient TeV rating can block even energized asari warp swords and eezo whips (although not very well).

      Maybe mentioning Von Grath’s duel on Noveria wouldn’t be amiss. He did parry a strike from a upsized warpsword with a omni-spear if I remember correctly.

      What are your thoughts about Benezia, Saren and the material introduced so far in the Engineer’s Guide?

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      Logical Premise

      As an aside: Saren is gone. The Primarch pissed on him and they launched his defiled corpse into the sun.

      “Alive” and “active” are two very different terms. If the corpse ever wakes up, it won’t be Benezia inside.

      You can determine the … disturbing implications of that as you will.

      Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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      That’s nice. The Saren bit, I mean. I half-expected the Palavanus to claim his corpse and maybe even some Sprit shenanigans.

      Here’s a thought. How many units like Benezia and Saren could the Reapers field? Because either of them was a game changer.

      The Reapers are Broken power-wise and the Old Ones even more so. Sahu noted the SA suspects that the batarians have access to that kind of technology – which plays into the whole bait and switch with batarians and their overlords. I don’t want to speculate wildly here are the Old Ones lacing batarian population with that kind of tech in preparation for the Reapers?

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      Logical Premise

      There are several levels of the Ascension Project.

      The most basic is basicaly huskification. In the Premiseverse all races can be reduced to husks, which basically utilize electric/neural shock attacks and grappling. Husks can’t regenerate but can be puppetted direclty en masse by lesser or greater Reapers.

      Custom conversions (like banshees, brutes, etc) are a second level, more complicated but still barely modified in terms of nanothreading.

      Direct avatar technology is only heavily used with the collectors and when they build so-called Heralds. Saren and Benezia were actually pretty shit compared to a custom built Herald creature.

      The Black Levithans have their own gameplan, and part of that is making a nice little trap for the Reaper forces. Nanothreading and Ascention basically allows a direct link past software and hardware layers to the ‘core’ of a Reaper’s mind. If the Reapers try to assimilate a batarian already modified, they essentially open a door for the Black Leviathan to use…

      Purge the alien. Kill the heretic. Suffer not the witch to live.

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