The 2020 Premiseverse write-con

It’s time to show what you can do!

Alternatively, it’s time to show me how stupid I am when your writing turns out better than mine.

As we continue to expand and refine the Premiseverse, I realized that there are a lot of voices and perspectives besides my own that have shaped, changed, and altered it.

From the small things that turned big, like Ventrix and his science team suggestion that Sevoris and Seras ran with, to the huge, like the changes Quentin suggested that have led directly to my current long-range plans, the PV is as much a product of its readers and editors as it is the writer.

Here are the results of the WriteCon thus far. Each will link to the piece they have written.

Apprentice Tier (new writers or those who don’t feel they write well)

JimHero, Heroic Post-FCW turian

NPC, Any Evil Alien

Vundar, Any Alien (vorcha)

True Concern (concerned turian)

Vadder, Regilus Vakarian (turian)

Envy34, QQuestionable Cerberus Human

TempestasAurum, Any Human

Adept’s Tier (Experienced writers looking for a neat challenge)

Enigmatic One, Udina : Story

Keyes, Randal Ezno

Bish09, Benezia

Master’s Tier (recommended for very strong writers)

Aberron, Maya Brooks : Story (Actually wrote TWO Stories, absolute legend)

Ventrix, Aria /Nyreen

The winners

Winners for each tier will be placed below!




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