Other Works (ME Universe)

Fear Unrelenting, Seen Darkly : My answer to what the Reaper Cycles are really about. What if the Reapers weren’t the pinnacle of evolution? What if they were the hiding spots of a post singularity culture that tampered with things best left alone? Will eventually touch on Harbinger and Sovereign and what makes a Reaper a Reaper.

OSABC: Memories Long Forgotten : A prequel to “Of Sheep and Battle Chicken” , Rael’Zorah has to complete his Pilgramage, but gets caught up in a whirlwind of political intrigue, interspecies romance, murder, and a shadow war between a Terminus Warlord and the Shadow Broker. Includes cameos by Saren and some other OC’s seen in my main fic. DEAD.

Mother’s Tears : Grunt has his turn , a retelling of the fight against the Reaperized Rachni, and of how death is never the end.  One-shot.

The Best Father a girl could wish for : Liara’s discussion with Matriarch Aethyta, in full. FShep/Liara, bits and pieces

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