Notes: Chapters Two through Five

I didn’t want to launch the story without backstory. One of the things that pissed me off is that we’re tossed into ME with no real grasp of what is happening or why it is significant.  So the earlier chapters were to set the stage, so to speak.

The very earliest drafts had things following canon almost exactly, which was already bothering me. I first departed from canon in a major way in Chapter Five, by linking Saren and Benezia romantically.

Others have done it, in a frankly confusing manner. I won’t even touch on those stories that have ships between Saren and Nihilus (possible, I suppose) or Saren and Shepard (wtf) or Saren and goddamned Anderson…

There is never a flamethrower around when you need one. ooh. New Commissariat quote.

At any rate, the first chapters are pretty pathetic. They don’t have the pop of later chapters, and they should probably be rewritten at this point. Full of grammatical and punctuation errors, I did a quick pass over some, but they need more attention and detailing.

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