The all new

A.k.a, same shit different day.

First off, your fair warning: rated X for xtremely fucking foul language, uncensored sexual terms, xtensive rambling of a nature that will not make much sense, and xtraordinarily boring if you aren’t following my stories (or stalking me.)

For the sake for form and redundancy, I will reguritate my blurb on here!

I write stories about Mass Effect, and Naruto. I am otherwise utterly boring, but since people keep pestering me…

I’m in my 30’s and I live in Texas. I’ve gone through some traumatic events in life (divorce, suicides, wife dying, mother having cancer, friends dying in war) that allows me to write about such things based on experience. I’ve studied biology, anatomy, cultural anthropology, psychology, geology, physics and chemistry, and I’ve dabbled in emergency medicine, transport, insurance, telecommunications and publishing. I was in the Navy for four years and did my service in the Submarine Force.

I’m a non-denominational Christian who believes firmly that what you say is far less important than what you do, and the appropriate place for religion is in my heart and not splattered over a venue where people come for entertainment. That being said, please do not ask me to read things that are insulting to my religious beliefs.

I’m a black man, which is appearantly unusual in fan fiction, as I’ve only run across a few others, and they’re just as fucking crazy as I am.

I write to entertain a few people, above all others Owelpost, who is half the reason I’m still writing. I am a massive Melaradark and jay8008 fanboy and if you don’t read their works there is something wrong with your brain.

I am a cynic , a romantic, and a pessimist. Go figure. Murphy was an optimist.

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