The Cerberus Manifesto and updates


I worked with Aberron (who writes my favorite fic about a time-reskipped Illusive Man) to create the nominal document that gets tossed around so much. Why Bioware didn’t actually write it up I don’t know, but I hope our version does justice to the concept.

I’ll be off starting October 12, and doing a lot of work on TWCD to get the next chapter or two out. I’m sorry for the delays, but there have been a lot of stupid happenings going on in my life, on top of the whole iPhone 7 mess and now exploding Note 7’s that have to be replaced, so work is hectic.

I’ve finalized the first slate of images I want done: Ahern, von Grath, Dragunov, Tetrimus, and Delacor. I’ll probably move on those before the end of the month.

2 thoughts on “The Cerberus Manifesto and updates”

  1. Never thought that, of all the reasons I’d be annoyed at fucking Apple, it’d be for causing delays in my favorite fanfic.

    I mean, there’s just SO MANY other reasons to hate them.

    And now Samsung’s washers are detonating too. Because that shit’s hilarious.

  2. sorry to hear you are under even more workload, but great work on the Manifesto. Actually helps understand the motives and actions of Cerberus.
    And, I want to help with concept art, if you will.

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