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I haven’t been on much, because work went insane with the full launch of the iPhone 7 and the problems with the Samsung with exploding batteries. Things are finally starting to calm down now so I may get some writing done.

I have a bit done on the next chapter. I know everyone is eager for me to get to Ilium to start the Angstrofuck of Doom(tm) but as usual I’m intending to have all the pieces moved into the correct place first.  I have several outlines of how to proceed that range from Crazy Awesome to the deaths of several main characters (and needing to redo / re-plan some later stuff to adapt to said deaths).

Currently the only people — the ONLY people — with absolute plot armor that are guaranteed to SEE ME3 are Shep, Liara, Garrus, Tel, Ahern, Grunt, and Anderson. Everyone else is (at least theoretically) on the chopping block.

Only Liara and Shep have plot armor to see ME4. (Well, and Vigil, but he’s a troll so fuck him.)

I also have a chapter of Lions about ready to go, although I’ll probably rewrite it. We’re coming to the end of the first Arc — once its’ done, we get to the second arc where Dalthos Fortress occurs. Not sure how long that will take as there’s a lot of things to go over.

The Kai Leng / Kahlee Sanders drama-trauma and what happens to Rachel comes after that part.

Finally, Aberron (the guy who writes Living an Indoctrinated Dream) and I have been working to write up the actual text of the Cerberus Manifesto, which I plan to put out sometime this week if you’re interested.

In other news, as soon as one of my artists gets back to me, I’m going to start having some of the OC’s drawn up.

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  1. Just putting it out there, but there’s a lot of chapters that start with quotes from the auto-biographies of characters not on that list. Tali, Joker, Udina, etc.

    If you decide to kill them off, would those quotes have to be changed?

    Also, on the subject, I figured I’d bring up something I asked on the forums about 4 months ago. We have No Single Raindrop now, so will there ever be a time we get Shepard’s book, Lay It On Me?

    1. I decided a long time ago to use the quotes anyway. I don’t plan on having to kill more than one important character, but if it fits the narrative better I will. And in that case, I’d go back and write up new quotes.

      Right now, the only pieces of work that haven’t been started are the ME3 and ME4 pieces, a piece about the Citadel, and a document from Ahern about special forces. I don’t think I’d write up Shepard’s part until after ME4 if I felt like it, and the current plan is to work on my own fiction after I’m done with the ME4 book.

      1. Gets pretty complicated with all the other post-story fics you’ve got. What with Ashley, Jack, and Morinth all popping up here and there in “Memories we for get to Remember” and “Fear Unrelenting, Seen Darkly”. It’ll be interesting to see how expectations (based on those previous stories) are changed moving forward.

        As an aside, I feel like there was a mention of everyone (teammates) surviving the Suicide Mission in TWCD. Not sure if I remember that correctly or not. I was always a fan of the SM during “Renegade Reinterpretations”, the idea that no matter what you would lose people (minimum of 4). I would expect the same from you, BUT you’ve also created more than a single ship of specialists. Your Shepard has an actual military at her disposal, so that changes things a bit.

  2. It will be interesting to see how Shepard and her Kill-squad takes down the Turian deathmachine aka the Dagger. He seems to be a full conversion cyborg, and some Sarah’s subordinates can go down with ease. The next step, I guess, will be obtaining Reapers’ IFF beacon.

  3. I got to say that when I thought (I mean really thought) about the fight with Tetrimus I didn’t see a way to do it without killing at least a few important characters (more like a lot, but that depends on how far Shep’s new body can be pushed before it goes kaput).

  4. As a testament to your ability, it’s going to hurt quite a bit seeing any of the main characters dying in your story.

  5. Henry,
    You not gonna make me cry,

    That being said:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing who gets killed of.

    My bet is Jacob, Morinth, a couple of marines, Miranda or the Asari doctor(forgot the name), Jack, is on my list as well, since I figure you don’t mind retconning stuf. I give them all 60% to survive

    Tela Vasir is on the list as well, but I actually think she’s too interesting to relationion with Liara and Sarah. Hell you could build a kinda sister relationship between Tela and Liara. I give her 20% chance, since she’s on of those characters I believe you were planning to kill of.

    Aethyra, is on of the characters I actually figure deserveres to die, but wont. I give her 90% chance.

    General von Grath is a character people care about, but not too much to actually cry. 70%

    Ashly…. now there is a big target if there ever was one. Or rather her kid…. 😀 But I don’t think you would go as far as to kill either of them. Both 90%

    Afred, would be a good target to make it harder for Sara to navigate the political scheming of the nobles. 40% chance.

    Some of these characters aren’t near Sara, but let’s be honest. Henry doesn’t need characters near Sara to completly and utterly fuck them.

  6. As always I appreciate the update on your status. I honestly really admire that you taking the time to make sure all the pieces are right where they should be. It really must take a lot of dedication to get everything exactly perfect.

    I also can’t wait to read the Cerberus Manifesto. That is always a document I wished someone would do and have never attempted myself as I didn’t think I could do it justice.

    Hope things stay relatively calm with you. Can’t wait to see the fan art.

  7. I hope Jack dies. The angst Shepard would feel over it would be really, and she’d probably get a pretty bad case of survivor’s guilt over the fact that her getting Liara back in her life caused Jack’s death.

    It would also actually punish and show the mortality of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing on the battlefield, as the Liara, Tali, and Jack group has gotten away with only superficial damage (in the context of what cybernetics can replace/what it means to the plot/reader) out of way too many battles when the oblivious civvies would be at the highest risk of biting it.

    That’s if you would want to set back Shepard’s mental progress that much.

  8. I am also interested by what you will create for the Manifesto, especially considering the context when it was written, as I especially liked a lot your pieces talking about FCW.

  9. I’ll echo the sentiment that I can’t wait to see what you’ll do for the Manifesto.

    Given everything that Jack Harper went though(and I’m sure we know only a small fraction of it) during your version of the FCW, I’m expecting a ground shaking declaration that will send chills down my back.

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