Major thanks and appreciation to the Editing Gang.

The Editing Gang is a group of unrewarded, unpaid volunteer editors who take each chapter of crap I write and massage it using magic and a proper command of punctuation, spelling and grammar into a product people can read without being distracted by broken sentences and errors.

The last chapter started life as an 8,000 word piece of shit not fit to display alongside SI Wrex/Tali lemonfics. Through days of their hard work it has been transformed into a nineteen thousand word masterpiece.

Half of the credit for the improvements you see in ATTWN and most of the credit for improvements in TWCD over the first book should go to them, not me.

The chapter will come out soon — I want all hands to have a chance to go over it and provide feedback. I’ll need a couple of days before I get cracking on the outline of the next one, and then we’ll see how quick I can crank out transition chapters until we get to Ilium.

Again, Editing Gang — thank you sincerely.


3 thoughts on “Major thanks and appreciation to the Editing Gang.”

  1. Not sure if i’m missing something, but it seems you’ve got a contradiction in what the Collectors are aware of. Shepard fights the strike overseer one on one, and he tells her that he’ll burn Thessia because they used reaper hull stuff. Later on, the leader of the Collectors actually speaks directly about Shepard, which means they know it’s Shepard and know she’s human, and thus not from Thessia. Is only the leader aware she’s Shepard, or what?

  2. Ah fuck, my bad, misread what was being stated. Ignore the hypothetical mistake I was thinking you made, I was wrong.

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