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Working on next TWCD chapter this weekend

I feel like doing so, although I have some running around to do today. Hoping to have something ready to go late today or by Sunday.

I’m still replotting some things in the outline so don’t expect 10k a day blasts anytime soon.

I’m also thinking of adding a ‘donation’ button to defray the cost of paying for related art. I was thinking of having a series of facial sketches done for most or all of the OC’s of importance, but the cost for such a thing is around $40 a pop from most of my favored starving artists.

Considering my finances , I can’t really afford that kind of outlay any time soon. Comment if you think this is worth it or not.

More Trellani and update

I had teeth extracted last week — looks like more problems with the crown I had done. Had another one extracted yesterday, appearantly the crack in the crown let the roots get infected, even though there is nothing wrong with the tooth itself.

*sighs* So that’s another $1400 down the drain. On top of helping to pay for my mother’s cancer, fixing problems with toilets, water heaters and the calipers on my brakes, I estimate I’ve gone through something like $25,000 since December. Ugh.

Given that, I’m not sure how much time will be devoted to writing for the next few weeks, as I’ll need to put in some extra hours. I did a  bit of Naruto writing but only because I’m still having a block on the next part of TWCD.

It’s coming together but the outline I had worked out is not really where I want it so I’m doing some work on that.

Since I wasn’t feeling well, LuckyFK decided to surprise me with some more Trellani, which is (as usual for him) awesomely done. Between that and enough vicodin to bring down Big Boss, I think I’ll be okay to try and write something tomorrow.

Enjoy 😀

Trellani, Travelling by LuckyFK
Trellani, Travelling by LuckyFK

For new users

Obviously, if you want the ability to do anything on the forums or to post on the site itself, you need to email me.

The link to do so is here : . I have also added it to the menu.

Unless I’ve had personal discussions with you via PM or email it is unlikely that I will approve such access, given that since I turned on user registration I’ve already had 940+ bad signups connected to known malware or spam sites.

The email address is

UPDATE 9-14 at 1:20 PM : After a blast of two thousand bogus signups, I’ve implemented captcha to cut down on registration and deleted the fake accounts.

Some Changes, Additions, whatever

I’ve added the ability for people to register with the site, as well as a simple forum for asking direct questions.

I’ve put out the latest chapter, for reasons described in the authors note. Going forward I will send out a list of who besides Liethr will have editing rights to the document and put it out two days before I submit it to

Anyone who is familiar with how to transfer documents from to AO3 should comment.

As an aside, I’ve strongly upgraded the security of the site, but I always implore anyone who registers anywhere online to use a password other than the one they use for banking or other important websites.

Next Chapter is up for edit review (Button is on left menu)

It is currently 7:50 PM CST 8-30-15.

Editing will be reviewed at midnight, and I will decide if it needs further review at that point or if to post. If it is not posted then it will be posted by 7 PM tomorrow evening CST.

There’s no need to make comments — feel free to edit the text directly — unless you have a question,in which comments are the best way to go.

I don’t know who put in the line about Tela Vasir and her adventures on Korlus but I am totally using that in this chapter. 😀

Just a post saying I’m still around

Between running my mother to treatments and dealing with increased workload from a merger I’ve been unable to write much of anything, but I’m still around.

I have parts of the next chapter of TWCD done but it’s not anywhere close to ready…maybe by the end of August.

I really appreciate all the comments, emails and PM’s. You guys rock.

Various Things

I’m pretty much reduced to trying to write when my back is not forcing me to lay down at this point. I’ll have to go in and see a doctor Monday (assuming I can get in, maybe Tuesday), as this is now at a point where I’m having to stop and lay down every other hour to get the pain to decrease.

I’ve been working on two chapters at the same time, one for Liara/Telanya and one for Shepard. Based on the feedback, I think I’ll intermix the two approaches — one Sheppy chapter, then a cutaway chapter to someone else. That should satisfy everyone.

A reader is planning on starting up a ME themed role-playing session incorporating some of the stuff from my background. I think that’s a pretty neat idea, and I’ve been giving some thought to maybe trying to run a campaign online like that. There’s enough online tools (voice chat and cams, online tabletops and dice-sets and the like) that it could be done remotely, although I don’t know how many people would be interested in such a thing.

My goals for this year are as follows:

  1. Finish up the Encyclopedia Biotica
  2. Take a stab at putting together some kind of document to cover all the technological changes and additions I’ve made.
  3. Complete the Batarians and maybe the Quarians in the Cerberus Files
  4. Finish No Single Raindrop and maybe Lions.
  5. Probably copy the series over to AO3
  6. Have someone do edits on OSABC and ATTWN to clean up the grammar and work on more rewrites of OSABC’s earlier chapters.
  7. See the series get more attention on TVTropes

Time for more Vicodin.

Artwork Suggestions

My personal situation is not exactly getting better, as since I make just enough to not qualify for any kind of subsidies, the cost of insurance, prescriptions and just basic living is eating at my savings.

Thus a lot of the highly disposable income I once had is not so disposable anymore. That means, for all of 2015, I will probably only commission one artwork (either from Armesan or NikitaStewart)

It’s a toss up between three choices:

1) The Wedding of Sara and Liara and the Processional of Blades

2) The Final Moment of Benezia

3) A series of colorless sketches for Dragunov, Branson, Tetrimus, and other characters.


Interested in people’s thoughts.