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State of the Premiseverse (Nov 2014)

Is as follows:

  • OSABC I is done. I’ve revamped it up to chapter 12 and will do another 15 or so chapters when I grind to a halt in ATTWN.
  • OSABC II just finished with the outline document. This still has to be revised, and there is no ETA on that.
  • ATTWN is being worked on, the next two chapters. Arc I is about done, and Arc II may not kick off until next year, depends on when I get things done.
  • No Single Raindrop is being worked on, I’m waiting for Liara to tell me what to write next.
  • The Cerberus Files: Aliens is currently in research mode for Batarians. This tends to be a lengthy process.
  • The Cerberus Files: Humans is actually waiting on the Batarian section so I don’t contradict myself when talking about the Batarian conflict.
  • Fear Unrelenting is done. The other stuff I mentioned exploring in the authors notes would have been either too spoilery or has been folded into new story ideas.
  • Lions in Blue and Silver is sort of on hold as I’ve run into a block. Still working on it though.
  • I’m in the process of drawing up the outlines for the Council Document as proposed by Seven Seven. Not coming this year, I don’t think.