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I haven’t made any progress because I’ve been playing Dynasty Warriors 8 : Empires

I blame the internet.  Also, I blame Lu Bu.

More seriously, I should have the next chapters :

– OF ATTWN : by tonight or tomorrow

– OF ANN INTERVIEW: By tomorrow

– OF STG REPORTS: This weekend

– OF NO SINGLE RAINDROP: End of the month

– OF THE CERBERUS FILES: HAHAH Not soon , hit big snags in Batarian research.

Artwork Suggestions

My personal situation is not exactly getting better, as since I make just enough to not qualify for any kind of subsidies, the cost of insurance, prescriptions and just basic living is eating at my savings.

Thus a lot of the highly disposable income I once had is not so disposable anymore. That means, for all of 2015, I will probably only commission one artwork (either from Armesan or NikitaStewart)

It’s a toss up between three choices:

1) The Wedding of Sara and Liara and the Processional of Blades

2) The Final Moment of Benezia

3) A series of colorless sketches for Dragunov, Branson, Tetrimus, and other characters.


Interested in people’s thoughts.

Two new features upcoming

I haven’t gotten around to final review or posting yet, but there will be two new updates to the OSABC line up in the next week or so.

First up is due to a request from AlsoKnownAsMatt, the ANN Media Archive. This will be mostly story-based interviews (as opposed to Westerlund style, text only transcripts) with Emily Wong and various people in the story as it moves along. The first interview will be that of Emily and Shepard when Shep announces her marriage to Doctor T’Soni. The second will most likely be Wong’s interview with Liara in the immediate aftermath of Shepard’s death.

The other new feature will be the STG Files : Benezia Incident, a pack of STG related stuff — profiles on OC’s and modified minor canon characters, STG backstory and investigations into Saren and Benezia, and some ideas of what Benezia and Saren were up to prior to ME1. Like the Cerberus Files, the STG Files is told from an in-universe perspective, but the writers are not all terrorist racist nutjobs, so it’s far more unbiased than a Season of Sorrows Unending.

If you guys and gals who read this have any more ideas, comment and let me know.

State of the Premiseverse (Nov 2014)

Is as follows:

  • OSABC I is done. I’ve revamped it up to chapter 12 and will do another 15 or so chapters when I grind to a halt in ATTWN.
  • OSABC II just finished with the outline document. This still has to be revised, and there is no ETA on that.
  • ATTWN is being worked on, the next two chapters. Arc I is about done, and Arc II may not kick off until next year, depends on when I get things done.
  • No Single Raindrop is being worked on, I’m waiting for Liara to tell me what to write next.
  • The Cerberus Files: Aliens is currently in research mode for Batarians. This tends to be a lengthy process.
  • The Cerberus Files: Humans is actually waiting on the Batarian section so I don’t contradict myself when talking about the Batarian conflict.
  • Fear Unrelenting is done. The other stuff I mentioned exploring in the authors notes would have been either too spoilery or has been folded into new story ideas.
  • Lions in Blue and Silver is sort of on hold as I’ve run into a block. Still working on it though.
  • I’m in the process of drawing up the outlines for the Council Document as proposed by Seven Seven. Not coming this year, I don’t think.