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I’m pretty much reduced to trying to write when my back is not forcing me to lay down at this point. I’ll have to go in and see a doctor Monday (assuming I can get in, maybe Tuesday), as this is now at a point where I’m having to stop and lay down every other hour to get the pain to decrease.

I’ve been working on two chapters at the same time, one for Liara/Telanya and one for Shepard. Based on the feedback, I think I’ll intermix the two approaches — one Sheppy chapter, then a cutaway chapter to someone else. That should satisfy everyone.

A reader is planning on starting up a ME themed role-playing session incorporating some of the stuff from my background. I think that’s a pretty neat idea, and I’ve been giving some thought to maybe trying to run a campaign online like that. There’s enough online tools (voice chat and cams, online tabletops and dice-sets and the like) that it could be done remotely, although I don’t know how many people would be interested in such a thing.

My goals for this year are as follows:

  1. Finish up the Encyclopedia Biotica
  2. Take a stab at putting together some kind of document to cover all the technological changes and additions I’ve made.
  3. Complete the Batarians and maybe the Quarians in the Cerberus Files
  4. Finish No Single Raindrop and maybe Lions.
  5. Probably copy the series over to AO3
  6. Have someone do edits on OSABC and ATTWN to clean up the grammar and work on more rewrites of OSABC’s earlier chapters.
  7. See the series get more attention on TVTropes

Time for more Vicodin.

8 thoughts on “Various Things”

  1. Ouch, sorry I know just how painful back problems can be.

    I think I’m addicted to the story I keep checking here and fanfic for updates. We’re in the ME2 plot which has so many problems (seriously Bioware can make one great game but ask them to write a squeal they will inevitably find a way to fuck it up) that I’m really excited to see the reinterpretations of OSABC. Can’t wait to see what happened to Liara and Telanya. Not to mention what the Normandy II and resources Shepard will have access to.

    If your looking for players for a RPG hit me up. I was thinking of asking to run a ME forum game with your back story but I got caught up in preparing my Rogue Trader quest. Glad to see someone else trying something similar.

    Long story short finals are in three weeks so if you need another beta/editor after that, hit me up.

  2. I saw something that caught my eye as I was trawling the interwebs, the original Of Sheep and Battle Chickens is, if it were published, would be between 8th and 11th in length of all published works of literature. I thought that would be inspirational for you to do awesome things with whatever you have planned for the future. 🙂

  3. I am very sorry to hear your back has not improved. I truly hope your health gets better soon, and there are no more complications.

    Your goals are very ambitious, and while I do always admire you for working as hard as you do, I think that you may be pushing yourself a bit too hard. Remember to rest every now and then.

    The concept of an online D&D/ME type thing does sound interesting, but with my work schedule and complete lack of understanding of how any of that stuff would work online I’m truly sorry to say I could not be a part of it. At least not on a regular basis. I’m truly sorry. I just might try it if I thought I could commit to it on a regular basis.

    Good luck with everything. Get well soon!

  4. hope you get better soon!

    i do have one question though:

    wasn’t shepard supposed to get some SPECTRE training before she got sent out again? i seem to recall that she was supposed to right after being sent to train with Arhnem, but maybe i missread…?

    i was kind of expecting her to be trained by a fellow SPECTRE at some point, as it is she had no special training from SPECTRE, no further explanation on how to properly use her armor, and no special logistical support ( i know that now that you started “That Which Cannot Die” it probably won’t happen, and would maybe become irrelevent, but i was looking forward to actually seeing her train with a mentor.)

    without going into details, did you plan to have her trained in the future, or is it something that just will not happen, and if you did was there a SPECTRE that you had prepared to use for that?

    either way, i really love your depictions of the different battles up to this point; they are pure nightmares of chaos and destruction, it’s funny, but in the game warp was not really scary, but i’ll be damned if it isn’t just sheer terror in your hands.

    anyway… thanks for the read, i hope to read more from you real soon !!!

    1. Thanks, Jenny.

      In ATTWN, pairing her up with Vasir was supposed to be the start of her Spectre training, with more happening at the end of the year — she just caught a case of the deads first 😀

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