Ratios of reads to reviews

Just a curious thing I noticed:

The latest chapter of ATTWN has had 386 unique visitors but only eight reviews. That’s dipping pretty low below the average of about 180 views per review.

Are the last three chapters underwhelming or something? Or do I need to slow down my updates?


7 thoughts on “Ratios of reads to reviews”

  1. The only thing I haven’t reviewed as of yet is the cerberus files and the crackfic.

    Cerberus because I don’t feel I have anything to add of significance with a review. As for the crackfic I just barely read the the first two chapters, as I’m following quite a lot of stories so crackfic vs something awesome is an easy choice. Add to that I have only a limited amount of time because of a hell on earth period school at this time I have to make choices.

    As for a the reviews I personally think it has to do with the fact that it is mostly fighting and stuff we just can’t comment on just yet because you’ve covered all your bases with you’re AN.
    You’re AN makes it so we don’t speculate that much on what kind of influence (for example last chapter) a chapter has.

    And because of that we don’t feel there is a point to a review if we do not have a comment of significance to post. For example I normally speculate the shit out of a chapter but the AN for some kind of reasons gave me a thought of: I don’t have to speculate when this has influence on the story you just told me. I might speculate less in reviews than I think but I still thought it.

    If you have the impression we overall don’t get why something was done, just let us have that “O yeah” moment in ME2.

    And while I’m going on what things you probably shouldn’t do there are the quote’s from characters. A good use of the quote was the one from Kasumi.

    She wasn’t the real danger in the chapter, the two assassins were. She had influence on the story but not in a sense that she was a direct threat to Shepard and co.

    A bad one was the one from Morinth. When you gave us the information that “Samara” was on the station (I forgot the name) that had the potential to be a big source of suspense. “O god is Samara going to attack Sara and Liara?” etc.

    However that thought was blown away almost immediately by the fact that you can conclude it is Morinth posing as Samara. Sure Morinth is a threat as well, but everyone knows Morinth has a hell of lot less reasons to attack them.

    Another example is the quote about the other people dying from the Bring down the Sky event. Given I’ve already forgotten their names But I remember their roles and it would be a nice to not instantly not care about them because the two are going to be dead. OC’s or not, dead = don’t care.

    Anyway I’m going to enjoy my five day weekend which will be mostly involve studying



  2. I haven’t actually read the last three chapters of ATTWN (make it four) so I will be sure to tell you how they measure up in quality. However the reason I haven’t yet read them is that I want to give each and every chapter the review it deserves but the speed at which you post can sometimes make that difficult since I just want to find out what happens next.
    I hope more people will give their thoughts on this so that you won’t just have my word to go on.

  3. Latest chapters(with the exception of last one) were mostly fight chapters, which don’t leave much for us to review in my opinion.And in the last chapter we only really saw the council which is like a press release of events, useful, but it’s not where the meat is. I personally don’t like to speculate without having the most of the pieces about an event are in place (I’d prefer all of them being in place but I learnt my lesson with your stories in that they never are.) Regarding the update pace, I think it’s alright as of now, but if you feel like a change I would prefer a faster pace at least for the whole events like the BDtS section or wedding section etc. , I don’t mind you slowing down in between those to catch your breath.

  4. It’s more likely that people just don’t have anything to offer. I’d base your success on the views, not the reviews. I’ve been reading your stuff since the early days of OSABC, and i’ve only left like, 2 reviews.

  5. i would agree actually, your writing is very good to the point that sometimes, no words need to be said. i haven’t caught up with the last few chapters, honestly, i’m dreading it actually, your writing is superb, and i love your story. but im constantly dreading sheps’ death. i know it has to be done, but dammit! You have made too damn attached to her!!! 🙁 Thats probably why i haven’t read in awhile but the other reason is that i want to save them up for a reading marathon. XD still, love your story, perhaps the only reason i want this particular part of the story over is because of shep’s death. but thats just me. Keep up the good work and i’ll be sure to review when i catch up 🙂

  6. I’ll give another reason for small amount of reviews. The fandom is in decline. You can only write so many AUs, crossovers and divergence points and after a few years of rehashing canon readers just lose interest.

    Don’t worry about the reviews, I understand that feedback does a lot to motivate writers and the lack of it, either positive or negative can in fact impact your writing. I know people who won’t review until they have finished the story or until it’s complete. I myself am guilty of this in some cases.

    As for the last couple of chapters? Maybe the readers just didn’t have anything to add or ask. There wasn’t much in the way of questions that left us hanging. Meta-knowledge screwing us over in this case; or it just might be laziness. Or a combination of these two.

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