New Artist Announcement (and new art)

I’ve finally got myself a new artist,  Kerri Lynn, who will be utilizing the proceeds from the Patreon to create new art. The first planned phase will be the OC’s and some ship and mech art. Then more elaborate scenes, and finally some book covers!


The first piece is in preparation for a new issue of the Cerberus Files Humanity about to come out, and it’s our favorite elitist snob, Doctor Galen Minsta, in classic “I’m better than you” reclining poise.

Galen Minsta by Kerri Lynn

3 thoughts on “New Artist Announcement (and new art)”

  1. I totally did not imagine him like that, perhaps more like Tygan from XCOM2. At least with less hair and a bit more scientist-like and futurist.
    But since he’s a kind of an anthropologue for aliens (a xenologue ?) he look like the part and the art is nice.

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